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Updates for Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard Released by Apple

Apple decided to unleash a whole host of Mac OS X upgrades on the Apple community on Wednesday. These updates included version 10.7.3 of Max OS X Lion and Lion Server, which also brings you a plethora of different system improvements and expanded language support. The updates also included Safari 5.1.3,...

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The New iPod Touch

Posted by jlong | Posted in Computer | Posted on 30-08-2010


Rumors are starting to buzz about the next generation of the iPod Touch. The Touch has been the go-to device for consumers turned off by the high price of owning an iPhone or an iPad, but who still want the apps and fantastic web browsing. Many sites are beginning to report major changes in the design and hardware of the iPod Touch, and the changes look to be for the better.

The biggest major change looks to be the arrival of a camera. A lot of iPod Touch owners are probably thinking “Finally!” because while the iPod Touch has always supported the picture editing apps that the iPhone used, it always lacked the ability to actually take the photos. With the addition of the camera the iPod Touch will make a huge leap in the mobile web device world. The camera is rumored to be 5 mega pixels and have flash as well. Other speculations suggest that the iPod Touch will boast dual cameras. The back camera will be used for taking photographs, and the front will hopefully be used for FaceTime and other webcam applications. Many possibilities open up for social networking and blogging with the availability of a camera, and even though this feature probably should have been featured in the first generation, it is better late than never.

Other less meaningful changes to the 4th generation iPod touch look to be a change in appearance. Pictures have shown a white, less rounded back more akin to the top of a MacBook than the back of previous iPod Touch’s.  Other additions include an amped up screen. Hopefully it will be the 960-by-640-pixel screen that the iPhone 4 has, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

The iPod Touch is a favorite device of the less fanatic Mac users and is definitely a gateway device to more expensive, impressive Apple products. If Apple plays it smart, they will make this newest version of the iPod Touch something that will hook users and bring them willingly into the Apple lifestyle.

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