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Steve Jobs Forced to Take Medical Leave from Apple

Everybody knows about the unfortunate personal health issues that plague Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs was forced to be admitted to the hospital a while back and things looked to be getting better since then. However, Jobs has decided to take yet another medical leave of absence from Apple. It is still...

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New Generation of MacBook Pro Coming Soon?

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 30-01-2011


MacBook ProIt is no surprise that the MacBook Pro is one of Apple’s highest selling mobile computers on the market as supplies of the popular laptop are continuing to shrink at all of Apple’s retail locations. This may also cause Apple to update their high-end line of laptops.

MacRumors reported on Wednesday that retailers are running low on stock for the Apple MacBook Pro computers. The report got even more specific when it reported that retail stores were running low on the 15-inch and 17-inch models.

According to Eric Slivaka from MacRumors, “At least one major chain has reportedly notified its branches that it has been unable to¬†fulfill¬†replenishment orders.”

Now, a shortage in supply does not necessarily indicate a coming of new products. However, if you look at Apple’s history, then you will see that when supplies become constrained on a product then the company is generally making room for new products. Apple is definitely on top when it comes to managing their supply chain. And the fact that retailers are unable to get more stock also raises eyebrows.

Apple’s online store shows that all purchases of a MacBook Pro laptop will ship within 24 hours which does mean that the company does have stock for itself. Retailers are the ones drawing the short straw.

The new MacBook Pro line is said to use Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Intel claims that with this new generation of CPUs content creation is up to 42% faster and gaming is up to 50% faster than in previous generations.

If this short supply does mean a new generation of MacBook Pros, then there are going to be a lot of happy Apple fans out there very soon. We will have more as this story unfolds.

Source: CNET News

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