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Apple Mac Pro plans to ship in December

It’s almost here! Apple’s next-generation Mac Pro desktop is nearly here, just in time for the holidays. While an exact time frame hasn’t been given just yet, we do have some interesting information. Apple’s Mac Pro will start at $5,999 for the desktop computer. The base model...

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Thunderbolt Coming to Apple Displays?

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer Accessories | Posted on 17-07-2011

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Thunderbolt displaysApple’s 27-inch LED cinema display could very well be joining a whole host of other Apple products that support the new, and faster, Thunderbolt technology.

A bunch of non-posted images found their way over to MacRumors from Apple.com showing the company’s $999 display. However, these weren’t your mother’s displays as these pics showed a new display number and a new background to match the default Mac OS X Lion background, set to be released next week.

The part number was the exact same one that was believed to previously be that of a newer version of Apple’s entry-level MacBook from a supposed parts list that surfaced early on in the week. It is also worth noting that there are no images of the back of this display. The current one supports three USB 2.0 ports but no mini-Displayport, which has been replaced by Thunderbolt in newer Mac models. However, in the picture located above, it appears that two newer models are plugged into each other.

This could foreshadow Apple allowing users to extend the displays via USB, though a more likely solution is that Apple is adding a Thunderbolt port to the devices. This would be smart if Apple really wants to get people into using Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt, if you don’t already know, allows users to daisy-chain Thunderbolt-equipped devices to one another.

Thunderbolt was birthed from the collaborative efforts of Apple and Intel and is an input/output technology that promises to allow transfer speeds exceeding the ones currently available by USB 3.0. In addition to that, it is also designed to extend that speed across several devices simultaneously.

This technology makes use of existing Displayport and PCI-Express data protocols in order to open up what is possible with a single port. This includes “daisy chaining” as many as seven Thunderbolt-equipped devices while still retaining full speed across all devices.

Source: CNET – Images hint at Thunderbolt-equipped Apple display

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