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Apple Drops Java for Reasons Unknown

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 17-10-2012

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Apple and JavaApple has just announced that it is removing all old versions of Oracle’s Java software from internet browsers on its customers computers. The removal will occur as soon as the company releases its latest software update for its Mac operating system, with the process of installing the update also serving to uninstall Java.

Even though Apple has included Java with recent installations of Mac OS X, it still announced that it was removing the software on its website. Apple stated that customers will need to obtain Java directly from Oracle of they want to access web content written in the popularly used programming language. What is surprising is that neither Apple nor Oracle provided a reason as to why Java was being removed and both companies also declined to comment on the situation.

Java is a programming language that allows programmers to write a single set of code to run on virtually any type of device. It is most widely used on the internet, allowing web developers to make their sites accessible from multiple browsers running on Macs of Microsoft Windows PCs.

About two years ago both Apple and Oracle agreed that Apple would stop providing Java software to Mac users. It was decided that when Apple stopped, Oracle would be responsible for providing its software to Apple users. However, neither company provided a date for when this would happen, so it is unclear if that time has finally come or not.

What is interesting is that Apple is implementing this change in the wake of a Java security scare that had some security experts caution computer users to only use Java on an as-needed basis. The vulnerabilities in Java were discovered to be used by hackers to launch attacks and it took Oracle several days to release an update to correct those problems.

Source: Huffington Post – Apple Drops Java After Experts Warn Mac Users On Its Security

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