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Updates for Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard Released by Apple

Apple decided to unleash a whole host of Mac OS X upgrades on the Apple community on Wednesday. These updates included version 10.7.3 of Max OS X Lion and Lion Server, which also brings you a plethora of different system improvements and expanded language support. The updates also included Safari 5.1.3,...

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Refreshed Mac lineup announced at Apple Keynote

Posted by jdkenny | Posted in Computer | Posted on 30-10-2012


While October 23, 2012 may be most remembered as the day the iPad mini was officially announced, it was also an important day for Mac users. Apple announced at the keynote a refresh of much of the Mac computer line, including a revamped Mac mini, a new 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and a major refresh of the iMac desktop. With the steady growth in Mac sales over the last few years, Apple is eager to keep its computer models up to date.

While the update to the Mac mini is sure to please lower level Mac owners, with a considerable bump in both processing power and storage options, the 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the new iMac are the true eye openers. The 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display now gives people the option to have the stunning screen that is already available on the 15 in. model, along with amazing performance, for a cheaper price. While the screen is smaller that its 15 in. brother and cannot be upgraded to quite the same specs, it is still an impressive laptop. With a starting price of $1699.99, it is sure attract many customers looking for the “ultimate laptop”.

As for the iMac, the update was quite impressive. While the screen sizes of the two available iMac models are still 21 and 27 inches, the interior and exterior got some drastic changes. Gone is the optical drive and thick sides as Apple has introduced an all in one desktop that is just 5mm thick on the edges. The very thin sides and the removal of the optical drive make the desktop about 8 lbs. lighter and make the computer stand out as a great piece of design. In addition to the external changes the interior has been reworked as well. Storage options now include the traditional HDD with up to 3 TB of storage, flash storage up to 768 GB, and a new “Fusion Drive” that combines flash and a HDD. The new Fusion Drive comes as 128 GB of flash storage for the operating system and frequently used programs, and a HDD up to 3 TB fused into a single drive.

Only time will tell if these new and refreshed Mac computers will help Apple continue to enjoy growth in Mac sales. The new 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display is sure to win over some people who want the high resolution, but not the size or power of the 15 in. model. Apple is touting the Retina Display laptops as the best laptop experience available today, and as someone who is now the owner of the 15 in. Retina Display model, I have to agree.


Source: The Verge – http://www.theverge.com/2012/10/23/3543902/apple-imac-thin-5mm

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