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Should You Really Worry About The iPhone 6 Plus Bending?

There has been a lot of news around the internet about the new iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6 Plus. Some of the news hasn’t been so nice to read. There a tons of people freaking out over the reports of the iPhone 6 Plus being able to bend (*See Video Below). There have even been a few people, who...

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Is The New Mac Pro The Best Choice For “Professionals”?

Posted by Michael Luciano | Posted in Computer | Posted on 16-11-2013


Intel Xeon processorChristmas is right around the corner and as with any holiday season, it’s time for Apple to come out with its “big guns”. Just in time too. There is not much time left for holiday shoppers, especially for the tech geeks or the tech savvy businessmen out there. So what does Apple have to offer its consumers this time around? The brand new cylindrical Mac Pro. This new computing tower is Apple’s answer for many different “professionals” out there, whether they be artists, musicians, or movie makers. Apple has always been very simplistic with their advertising and market strategies as their products have always maintained a sense of elegance. They have always, usually, managed to deliver with their promises as well. The only real question now is what is the new Mac Pro going to be capable of, as it isn’t slated for release until December, and is it really suited for just “professionals”, or can it be utilized by any consumer or business man alike?
So let us take a look at what is making this new cylindrical powerhouse tick before we see what its prime uses could be. The lowest end model will be featuring a 3.7GHz Intel Xeon processor, which means top quality fast performance for many of the tasks that you would need to perform. 12 gigs of RAM means you will have the speed that you will desire without much, if any lag or load times. A new AMD ProFire graphics card will be perfect for artists and graphic designers alike. The low end model also comes stock with an SSD storage that can be found in current iMacs and Macbooks out right now, as well as the latest standard WiFi found in the most current MacBooks out right now. After all of these components come together, you are left with quite a powerful machine that can handle even the most complex and taxing tasks.

Apple has quite a bit to live up to with its promises of being “the future of pro-level desktops”, but again, they are usually very good at keeping up to their word, despite certain issues with some of their other products, like the many problems with the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner. Now that they have specific market to shoot for with the new Mac Pro, the only thing that will hold potential buyers back is the hefty price tag. With the low end model starting at $2,999 and the higher end model starting at $3,999, the person you are buying for better be really into their artistic passions. But having this machine in the work place, especially one that specializes in production in film or music, would be an invaluable resource for the production team. Finally a computer designed for the people behind the scenes. December could be a big month for Apple should production companies invest in this new tower.

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