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Rumor: Apple Computer Overhaul Coming Soon

There have been lots of Apple rumors circulating this week, but this time, they aren’t rumors about the iPhone 4. This time, the rumors are about Apple’s computers. While some say Apple is preparing to overhaul its entire computer line, including the MacBook Air and Mac Pro, others are saying...

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Apple Introduces iOS 8

Posted by Erika Blasko | Posted in Apple News And Rumors | Posted on 08-07-2014


ios8-1Recently, Apple has unveiled one of the biggest releases since the launch of the app store, iOS 8. It provides Apple users with more iCloud storage for photos, improved keystroke entry, improved message content and many more updated features. iOS 8 will deliver a much simpler and faster user friendly experience. With the iCloud photo library, iOS 8 allows users to enjoy photos and videos more easily across devices. It also includes predictive typing for Apple’s “QuickType” keyboard.
In iOS 8 the iCloud and photos app will give you access to all of your photos and videos anywhere. Photos are more easy to find and are completely organized across any of your enabled devices. The Photos app can automatically edit any photo with inhaled smart editing tools.
Sending and receiving messages become more immersive with the ability to communicate with one swipe, and ‘tap to talk’ allows you to record your voice for sharing videos and photos within messages. You can also choose to share your current location in messaging.
iOS 8 also introduces Family Sharing, which makes it easier to share purchases, photos, etc, all in the same household. Family members can view each other’s iTunes, iBooks or app store purchases and parents can create Apple IDs for children, which includes ‘ask to buy,’ which requires parental permission for any purchases. Family Sharing automatically keeps everyone fully connected by creating an option for locating family members and their devices.

Additional features include:

•More complex design enhancements

•Quick access to contacts

•Ability to quickly switch back and forth between your inbox and drafts

The iOS 8 software and SDK are available now for iOS developer program members only at developer.apple.com, but iOS 8 will not be available to the public until the upcoming fall. It will be a free software update for any Apple device.

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