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Apple Continues to Use Old NVIDIA Chipsets Despite NVIDIA Leaving the

An Xbitlabs report that surfaced back in November provided quotes from Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, about the company’s permanent exit from the chipset business. The quotes are as follows: “We are not building any more chipsets; we are building SoCs now. We are building Tegra SoCs, and...

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When Renting an iPad Makes Sense

Posted by Garret Listo | Posted in Computer | Posted on 26-12-2019


Because of its high brand awareness and technical performance, Apple iPads demand a very high price. It might not always be the economical choice to purchase one. Especially during times for shot-term use, an iPad rental might just be the more secure and better option. Haven’t put much thought into renting an iPad? Here are a few reasons on why renting an iPad can be better than purchasing. 
Using an iPad

  • Events: Events are considered to be one of the most stressful parts of running a business. Strict deadlines, catering to a large and diverse crowd, and setting up the station or tent are just to name a few. iPad rentals can take away stress just by how easy they are to use, share and collect information. iPad rentals can be used for kiosks to complete event registration and execute faster check-ins. Registration, games, brochures, and surveys are just a few examples of the endless possibilities of iPad rentals. Another popular approach is to use custom registration apps in kiosks. Lastly, consider ordering iPad floor stands to engage prospective clients at your next event. 


  • Presentations: Whether you are presenting a new product, giving a presentation, or conducting business meetings an iPad can help improve your presentation or keep everyone connected. You can use an iPad as a remote control for a slideshow, review your notes, or just to keep your meetings paperless in this digital age.


  • Marketing surveys: Marketing surveys have never been easier. Users can provide instant feedback, opinions, and observations. Managers can compile data and feedback instantly. The ability to analyze the data faster sparks better decision making and turns them into better products and services for end-users. With an iPad, marketing is easy to research and send survey results when out in the field. 


  • Temporary contractors or employees: iPad’s are easy to use, easy to share, mobile and great for any temporary needs. If you need to hire temporary employees for an event or a special project, iPads are a great way to quickly get everyone set up and on the same page. 


  • Conferences and Meetings: Conducting conferences and meetings has changed thanks to iPads. They come equipped with a number of features that allow businesses to improve engagement, interaction and promote better communication. Here are a few reasons how conferences and meetings can be supplemented by iPad rentals: Guest can remotely attend meeting rooms and info about various sessions. Organizers can get real-time feedback, perform brainstorming sessions and even take a vote. It can assist in helping attendees find their meeting rooms and information about various sessions. 
  • Business Expense vs Asset Allocation: Purchasing an iPad would mean you have to treat it as an asset because all computers are classed as business assets and not an expensive. In most cases this means that employees are not able to buy an iPad with their company credit cards. On top of that any asset purchases needs to be depreciated over the lifetime of the device (typically 3 years). Where as rentals count as an expense fully within the calendar month that it was rented.


Whatever the reason you may find in renting an iPad, Rentacomputer.com can handle any of your needs. 

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