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Apple Introduces the Magic Trackpad

Last week Apple announced that it had added a little “magic” to its product line: the Magic Trackpad.  What is the Magic Trackpad?   Much like the trackpad on your laptop, Apple’s Magic Trackpad acts as a replacement for the mouse on your desktop computer.  It will connect to your...

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The New iPad: Genius.

Posted by swatson | Posted in Computer | Posted on 02-06-2011


The Apple iPad is the top-selling product in the tablet PC industry, but Apple couldn’t stop at just that. They now have the iPad 2 which is far more advanced than the original.

While the new iPad has a lot of cool new features, it still has a lot in common with the original. Both have a battery life which lasts for about 10 hours of video or 140 hours of audio. They both feature a multitouch display which allows the user to control the devices with the touch of a finger. The new iPad is basically the same as the old one, except lighter and faster. Even the pricing is similar, although the newer iPad is slightly more expensive.

The new iPad features a newer design which makes it 33% thinner and altogether 15% lighter than the original iPad. The new design makes it more portable than ever, as well as more comfortable to hold and use.

Possibly the greatest feature of the new iPad as opposed to the older one is that it is much faster. The iPad 2 features a dual-core Apple A5 chip, which makes the iPad 2 twice as fast as its predecessor. It also allows for up to nine times the graphics performance, which is perfect for consumers who enjoy playing games and watching videos.

And speaking of videos, the new iPad now features not one but TWO cameras. The iPad 2 has a camera on the front and back, compared to the old iPad which only had one camera on the front. The new camera was put in place to improve the overall experience of Facetime, an application developed by Apple in order for their consumers to make video calls. Now, whenever you use Facetime on an iPad, you can either use the camera on the front to show yourself or the camera on the back to show your surroundings. The camera on the back is also useful when you want to record or take a picture of something while looking at the screen.

The iPad 2 also features a Smart Cover, which is great in a multitude of ways. It is made specifically for the iPad and attaches to it with the use of magnets. When you open it, the iPad automatically comes to life. When you close it, the iPad goes to sleep. The cover also transforms into a stand for the iPad, which is useful when you want to watch movies or use Facetime. The Smart Cover comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose whichever best fits your personality.

The iPad 2 certainly has a lot more to offer, but if $500 and up is a little out of your price range, there is also the new iPhone 4 starting at $200 and as always, the iPod touch starting at $230. You may be settling for less, but both the iPhone 4 and iPod touch have many similarities to the iPad except in smaller packages.