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Apple Set to Build Huge Solar Farm Next to North Carolina Data Center

In recent news, Apple is supposedly planning on constructing a solar farm directly next to its massive data center located in Maiden, North Carolina. The report was first released by the Charlotte Observer and later picked up by both Apple Insider as well as Mac Rumors. Apple has already won approval...

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Worldwide PC Market Share Reaches 15-Year High for Apple

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 23-11-2011

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Apple StoreApple continues to break records as the company’s share of the worldwide PC market has reached a 15-year high. The company’s popular Mac computer has reached 5.2%  of worldwide computer sales, a number that is a 15-year high for the tech giant out of Cupertino, California. News of this accomplishment comes by way of a report from Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf.

Even though 5.2% is only a very small percentage of the overall computer space in the world, it is a very important benchmark for Apple, who has been trying to obtain market share from other major computer makers, including companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard and even Acer. Wolf added that Mac shipment growth in the third quarter managed to outpace the total PC market for the 22nd straight quarter by a margin of 24.6% at 5.3%.

In the home segment, the growth of Apple’s Mac was 25.6%  as opposed to the 4% recorded by the overall market. Among businesses, Mac’s increase of 43.8% outpaced the wider market’s 4.8% by a staggering margin. Wolf also stated that Asia Pacific represented the fastest-growing geographic region for Apple with 57.2% growth for the quarter, something also noted by AppleInsider.

In a statement from Wolf, the analyst stated, “The growth of Apple’s sales in China represent a perfect storm between an iconic brand and a rapidly growing middle class that’s more brand-conscious than consumers in most other regions of the world.”

This benchmark probably has more significance now than it would have as Apple is still mourning the loss of co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. With Jobs’ passing, the company will be eager to put the claim that when Jobs died, Apple died with it to rest.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald – Apple’s worldwide share of PC market reaches 15-year high

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