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San Francisco Says No to Apple Computers

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 11-07-2012

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Golden Gate BridgeIf there is one word that you could use to describe the city of San Francisco, California, it would probably be “open” due to the fact that the city is very accepting of almost anything. But even the home of America’s Golden Gate Bridge has its limits, which include Apple computers.

According to recent reports, if you work for the city of San Francisco, you will n0t be permitted to purchase an Apple computer using city funds. The reason? Well, it appears as if the city has placed a ban on the devices because the Cupertino-based company, which is barely an hour away from San Francisco, isn’t green enough.

This ban by the city follows the aftermath of Apple’s decision to withdraw from participating in the Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT, which is a ranking of consumer electronics. Apple had previously been voluntarily submitting 39 different products to the EPEAT standards, though has now decided to withdraw from participating, electing to adopt a different standard.

The new standard is overseen by the federal government with the move seen by many as a way for Apple to stay in compliance with stringent environmental standards. Apple recently released a statement about the switch, indicating that the company’s intentions are to make products as green as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems as if San Francisco is unimpressed by the federal government’s standards. According to a quote from the city’s Toxics Reduction Coordinator Chris Geiger, “We strongly believe that eco-labels are essential for green purchasing, and Apple just withdrew from the list. We want to register our displeasure, and urge Apple to reconsider.”

It seems like the city of San Francisco is making decisions based on branding. Just because Apple isn’t following the guidelines of one company or organization doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying to be as energy efficient as possible. This is a strange move for San Francisco but at least consumers can still buy Apple computers, just not with city money.

Source: The New American – City of San Francisco bans Apple Computers