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Apple’s iCloud Possibly Hacked, Users Look for Answers

According to recent reports, a small number of iCloud accounts that were supposedly protected by secure, randomly generated passwords have been hacked, raising suspicion by users that a security breach has happened within Apple’s servers. Details of the hack come from a thread found on the Apple...

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Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 31-01-2012

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Final Cut Pro XApple has just released Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3, the latest version of the company’s popular video editing application. This new version introduces multicam editing that is designed to automatically sync up to 64 angles of video and photos. In addition to that, v10.0.3 adds advanced chroma keying for complex adjustments as well as enhanced XML for a richer interchange with third party apps and plugins that support Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X v10.0.3 is available from the Mac App Store as a free update and includes a beta for broadcast monitoring that supports Apple computers with Thunderbolt and PCIe cars. The software itself is available from the Mac App Store as well for $299.99 to new users who can also test the program before buying with a free 30-day trial available via Apple’s site.

v10.0.3 of Final Cut Pro X includes a collection of new tools for editing multicam projects, as I mentioned earlier. Final Cut Pro X automatically syncs clips from your video shoot using audio waveforms, time and date, or timecode in order to create a Multicam Clip with as many as 64 different angles that can include mixed formats, frame sizes and frame rates.

In addition to that, the Angle Editor feature allows users to jump into the Multicam Clip in order to adjust it to their liking while the Angle Viewer also allows users to play back multiple angles simultaneously and cut between them seamlessly.

Aside from that, v10.0.3 builds upon its one-step chroma key capability with the addition of advanced controls like color sampling, edge adjustment and light wrap. Users will also be able to take advantage of complex keying challenges directly in Final Cut Pro X without ever having to export to a motion graphics application. Users will also be able to view their results instantaneously with real-time playback.

Source: eWeek.com – Apple Final Cut Pro X Update Adds Enhanced XML

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