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Apple the Latest Victim of AntiSec Hackers

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 05-07-2011

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AntiSecAnd the hacking continues! These past few months have seemed like a field day for hackers who have felt the need to infiltrate nearly every aspect of the technological world. Their most recent target? None other than big bad Apple. Chalk up another worldwide corporation being affected by the hackers.

AntiSec, a fusion network of “hacktivists” Anonymous and the recently defunct LulzSec, sent out a tweet last Sunday that the group broke into an Apple server and collected more than 26 administrative passwords and user names. The group also claimed that they were able to access Apple’s systems via a security flaw in third-party software.

The tweet read as follows, “Apple could be target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere.”

AntiSec was created when LulzSec and Anonymous hackers vowed to unite against major financial institutions and governments across the globe. The resulting group, AntiSec, has been active ever since, striking out at various online bastions with distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Apple, naturally, declined to comment on any breach of security, but it stands to reason that the company cannot be happy about becoming the most recent victim of hackers just like so many companies and governments before them over the past several months.

With regard to other cases, Apple seems to have gotten off relatively easy. Other attacks were much worse, like the one on Citigroup that caused a $2.7 million breach. The bank is now frantically scrambling to restore customer confidence in the wake of this attack. Another big attack was the one on Sony and the PlayStation 3. Sony has just recently finished restoring its systems after an 11-week service outage.

Anonymous stands out amongst political lines with its history of online activism against “restrictions on free speech” as the group puts it. If Anonymous is the head for politically motivated attacks, then the former LulzSec represents the side of hackers that do it “for the lulz”. LulzSec’s colorful narratives and snarky illustrations were the main trademarks of the group until it disbanded last week.

Compared to all the other attacks making headlines, this one for Apple seems like small news. However, on the internet nobody is safe, at least not 100%, and Apple may come under further attacks unless it provides a serious update to its security systems.

Source: Mobiledia – Hackers Hit Apple

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