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Apple releases redesigned iMac with bigger screen

Apple’s latest iMac is being called the biggest redesign in iMacs since 2012.  (Image Source: Apple.com) Apple is known for being on the cutting edge of design and technology, which is why it might be surprising to some the Cupertino company hasn’t updated the design of the iMac for nine years....

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Sparrow 1.5 Adds Dropbox Integration and Search Tokens

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 08-12-2011

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Sparrow 1.5Sparrow, which was previously updated with CloudApp integration and pull-to-refresh with its latest version 1.4 update, has reached an all-new milestone at Apple. This morning marked the release of version 1.5, an update that allows Sparrow to continually integrate Gmail natively with optional loading for remote images and token-based searching for messages.

One new thing that comes with version 1.5 is Dropbox integration. Dropbox integration uploads large attachments to Dropbox as an alternative to CloudApp. If you would rather use Dropbox instead of CloudApp, you can go to the Services tab in the preferences to choose your option. You will have to log out of CloudApp first if you plan on switching to Dropbox and if you upload an attachment that is larger than 25MB, Sparrow will automatically choose Dropbox over CloudApp.

Gmail users should be familiar with the yellow bar located above their email messages that asks whether or not you would like remote images to be loaded into the document. Sparrow also now includes similar functionality like this to protect you from Spam or unknown senders and allows you to choose whether to always show messages from a particular sender or to only show images when requested.

Last, but certainly not least, Sparrow users will notice search tokens are useful for isolating labels and finding specific messages. Gmail’s powerful shortcuts have also been brought over to Sparrow in the same way as tokens in mail with one difference. Tokens can be specific to message statuses, labels, if a message is flagged, etc… Tokens are very easy to use as well. All you have to do is type a keyword, select a specifier and press the tab key to continue adding keywords.

Sparrow 1.5 continues to add functionality to one of the better email clients on the market today for the Mac. You can get the full version of the client on the Mac App Store for $9.99, or you can try out a free lite version from the client’s website.

Source: MacStories – Sparrow 1.5 Hits the Mac App Store with Dropbox Integration and Search Tokens

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