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Apple Continues to Use Old NVIDIA Chipsets Despite NVIDIA Leaving the

An Xbitlabs report that surfaced back in November provided quotes from Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, about the company’s permanent exit from the chipset business. The quotes are as follows: “We are not building any more chipsets; we are building SoCs now. We are building Tegra SoCs, and...

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Apple Announces Not-So-New “New” Mac Pro, Actual New Mac Pro Coming “Late Next Year”

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 13-06-2012

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Mac ProApple announced that it was revitalizing its Mac Pro desktop computer line though, despite other reports, there isn’t much changing with them. Apple added the word “new” to the Mac Pro on its website the other day which led some people to complain. That, in turn, made Apple take down the tag.

However, it seems that a new Mac Pro is coming, though not anytime soon. CEO Tim Cook recently announced that more extensive updates to the line will not be happening until “later next year”. Hints about this first hit when nobody was even talking about the devices at WWDC 2012. Once the “new” tag appeared, Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the original Apple Macintosh development team, completely bashed Apple for the skimpy updates.

According to Hertzfeld’s post on his Google Plus account, “The specs for the ‘new’ Mac Pro had hardly changed, except for a tiny, inconsequential processor clock bump. Still no Thunderbolt, still no USB 3.0, no SATA III or RAM speed improvements. It seems like it’s stuck in time in 2010. The only thing that’s still high-end about it is the bloated price.”

Harsh words from Hertzfeld, harsh but true. The Mac Pro runs anywhere from $2,499 to $3,799 depending on which model you choose. However, you can also opt for additional upgrades, driving the price up even higher. Hertzfeld isn’t the only one who is upset by the lack of an actual new Mac Pro, however. Mac Pro customers are expressing their discontent with the computers as well.

Fans of the desktop feel like they are being ignored by Apple, who has constantly been updating its MacBook lineup. A group of Mac Pro owners launched a Facebook page late last month titled “We Want a New Mac Pro”, which pleaded the company for an updated machine. At this point, the page has more than 18,149 “Likes”.

Apparently this page has made it all the way to CEO Tim Cook, who sent an email response to some guy named Franz. The email reads:


Thanks for your email. Our Pro customers like you are really important to us. Although we didn’t have a chance to talk about a new Mac Pro at today’s event, don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year. We also updated the current model today.

We’ve been continuing to update Final Cut Pro X with revolutionary pro features like industry leading multi-cam support and we just updated Aperture with incredible new image adjustment features.

We also announced a MacBook Pro with a Retina Display that is a great solution for many pros.


Even though the “new” Mac Pro is coming, we won’t really see a new one for a long time, but one is coming, I promise. To all Mac Pro users and fans out there, what do you think? Do you feel like Apple is running you through the ringer? Tired of waiting on an actual new Mac Pro?

Source: CNET – Apple CEO says Mac Pro update to come ‘next year’

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Apple Displays Its Networking Prowess at the 2011 WWDC

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer | Posted on 08-06-2011

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Apple WWDC 2011Apple just recently built a temporary network of WiFi hotspots in order to provide full wireless coverage for WWDC 2011 and all its 5,200 attendees, and after doing so, the company decided to set up a graphic visualization of the network itself.

Shown off in the Moscone West conference hall, Apple’s display of their WiFi statistics showed everything like available bandwidth statistics, a heat map of active hotspots, an animated depiction of network performance over time and even ongoing stats of all of the visible WiFi networks.

This presentation of displays highlights the efforts of Apple’s network engineers. These engineers have installed more than a thousand wired Ethernet jacks in the building for WWDC so that all the developers in attendance were able to set up super fast connections suitable for downloading the 4GB new build of Mac OS X 10,7 Lion and new developer builds of iOS 5 and Xcode. Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment for the company’s desktop and mobile platforms.

Unlike past WWDC events, Apple is exclusively distributing all of its new software builds to developers as digital downloads as opposed to an optical disk. This gives people a sneak peek at Apple’s announced plans to deliver Mac OS X Lion as well as Lion Server to customers as a digital download this fall exclusively via the Mac App Store.

Apple announced the Mac App Store last fall and jumped right into active production at the beginning of this year. Apple also noted that the Mac App Store has already become the number one source for Mac software and is largely making optical media a thing of the past in terms of distributing new programs.

WWDC is one of the biggest Apple events of the year and it shows, especially in terms of networking.

Source: Apple Insider – Apple shows off its networking savvy at WWDC

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Apple’s WWDC Sells Out

Posted by zduncan | Posted in Computer, Computer Accessories, Device, iPad, iPad | Posted on 30-03-2011

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Apple WWDC 2011So Apple’s annual developers conference is coming up, but don’t bother looking up tickets because Apple sold out of them on Monday. Yeah, they sold out already, and in record time nonetheless. With fast ticket sellouts come quick scalpers and that is definitely the story here. Many people are scalping tickets to the event on sites such as eBay and Craigslist with prices reaching as high as $4,599, which is nearly triple the sticker price of $1,599.

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) runs from June 6th to June 10th, 2011  and was sold out as of Monday, March 28th, 2011 in less than 12 hours which was dramatically faster than last year when it took a lousy eight days to sell out. 2009 wasn’t even close when it took almost a month to sell out. Tickets for this year’s WWDC were priced at $1,599, the same as they were for the 2010 edition.

Apple allows developers to buy multiple tickets with extra activation codes in order to hand them out to colleagues. However, some of these developers are taking advantage of the sellout and are selling their extra tickets at extremely high prices. The ticket with the highest bid that I have seen so far stood at $3,000.

A pair of tickets seen on the New York and San Francisco editions of Craigslist have been priced at $2,400 and $2,500. A seller in California had priced his extra ticket at $2,000 and increased the price by $500 a few hours later.

According to Rohit Sethi, the man in California selling the ticket, “I can deal for $2,500 only and by bank transfer. If you have any friends in the bay area, I can give them the code in person and they can activate on the spot too for authenticity by giving money in person.”

The only people allowed to attend the event are Apple-registered developers but the entry bar is low. Programmers only have to pay $99 for a one-year membership to Apple’s developer program and that’s it, there are no other eligibility requirements.

One good thing, for developers that is, is that Apple does not explicitly restrict the resale of WWDC tickets. Apple has not immediately replied to questions about their resale policy or whether or not they will take any action against people who resell WWDC tickets.

Scott Schwarzhoff, Vice President of Marketing for Appcelerator, the company known best for their multi-platform Titanium development tool, was not surprised about how fast the tickets for the event sold out. According to him, “The message from Jobs at the launch of the iPad 2, that this is the ‘post-PC world’ is hitting home. If you want to be part of that post-PC world, as a developer you need a ticket, and that ticket is WWDC.”

Schwarzhoff also argued that even though the iPod and iPhone have been successes for Apple, the iPad is the first device that has really grabbed the attention of business software developers. “You’re seeing demand from the more traditional IT and computing industry because of the iPad,” said Schwarzhoff. “The iPad is affecting areas that previously weren’t affected by a pure consumer device.”

It has already been noted that this year’s conference is expected to focus primarily on software as opposed to hardware and that the iPhone 5 will most likely not be in attendance. This intrigues me. With one of the most anticipated devices since the iPad 2 not coming out at the conference it surprises me that the conference sold out so fast.

But if you want a ticket to the show, you had better hit up eBay or Craigslist, and you must also be ready to part with about $2,000 to $3,000 at least.

Source: ComputerWorld – Apple’s WWDC sells out; scalpers price tickets up to $4,600

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